2022-23 Membership Quote

If you require a PO for membership, please complete this Form and submit it as part of our procurement process (if required).

Unless required by your institution, payment via credit card does not require a quote. 

Membership fees are due 30 September 2021.

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2023-24 Membership Quote
2023-24 Membership Quote

If your organisation need to create a PO as part of your procurement/payment processes - you can use this document to generate a 'quote' for your annual membership.
This can then be sent to your admin/finance team to have a PO raised against.
Have your organisations primary SPUN member (usually a generic login) login to the site and go to Membership > User Profile
Then choose to renew your subscription by clicking the Process Renew button at the bottom of the page.
Check your organisations profile details, including updating the payment method. If Purchase Order is needed as a reference on your invoice - choose this option (you can pay via CC or DD)

If you don't need a PO# on your invoice, choose your preferred payment option of CC or DD.
Click Process Payment

Once the payment clears, an invoice marked as paid will be returned within 10 days (including the PO reference if one was needed)

Membership fees are due 30 September 2023.