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This folder contains various member created documents on using the SPYDUS Library Management System. 

For Knowledge Base articles, clearly describe which relevant modules are covered in the document. 

Please ensure you have a useful file name and your document is described appropriately including the Spydus version.

e.g. WPAC - Creating pages - Spydus 10.2 - YYYYMM


  • Please do not upload Civica created documents.  
  • The accuracy of these documents can not be guaranteed.
  • Remember to always make and test the the changes in your TEST database first.


Using the SPUN website (3 Documents)
Third Party Integrations and Hardware (1 Document)
SpydusBI & Collections (0 Document)
Spydus 10.1.6 onwards (6 Documents)
RFQ Documents (3 Documents)
Pre-Spydus 10 (35 Documents)
Boolean hints and tips (10 Documents)
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Archiving Borrowers
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