The full SPUN membership meets once a year at the annual conference for its AGM.


SPUN's sub-groups (eg. NSW, NZ, QLD, SA & WA) all meet regularly to discuss Spydus issues and exchange ideas. Civica is represented at nearly all of these meetings. 


The Committees page has details of SPUN and the sub-group secretaries/convenors. 

They can advise you when the next meeting is scheduled for in your region.

Otherwise contact the SPUN Secretary for further details.

SPUN email Discussion list


The purpose of the SPUN discussion list is to promote the discussion and sharing of information between SPUN/Spydus sites. Spydus sites outside of Australia are also encouraged to join the list. Please remember that any contributions you make will be sent to ALL list subscribers! Messages of a personal nature should be sent directly to the individual(s) concerned.

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