SPUN Spydus Users Network (Incorporated in NSW) is a very active member-run user group with regular meetings and an annual conference. Members are from all types libraries across Australia and overseas.

SPUN membership is open to licensed users of the Spydus Library Management System. Institutions that primarily sell a product or service to Spydus using institutions are not eligible for membership of the Group.

Member TypeFull
(New Zealand)
(Outside Australia)
Annual Fee $200 AUD $150 AUD $50 AUD
Voting rights
(at AGM)
Yes Yes No
Website access Yes Yes Yes
SPUN email List subscription Yes Yes Yes
Enhancement voting rights
(1 vote per membership)
Yes Yes Yes


The full annual membership fee is payable at the beginning of each financial year (1st July) however will be delayed in 2020 due to a site upgrade.  

Please contact the SPUN Treasurer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on joining SPUN.

Membership Quote

For your convenience, a SPUN membership Quote is available for download. Please update the quote as per your individual organisation's requirements.  This quote can be used to start the procurement process.  

Please note: SPUN is a non-profit organisation and is GST exempt, therefore GST is not included on SPUN invoices (Ref: What if your organisation is not registered for GST - ATO). For more info visit: Tax basics for non-profit organisations (ATO web page).


Joining the SPUN Site and the email Discussion List

SPUN Site logons will be created once payment is made.

Instructions for Joining the email list.

Note: We require member organisation email addresses to be the ones that are subscribed to the SPUN list unless there is a very good reason for a personal one to be the only option.